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Tsukineko VersaFine Clair is a fast drying pigment ink. Ideal for use with heat embossing powders. The 97mm x 56mm case of the ink pads are air tight and result in long lasting ink pads. Ink pad measures 76mm x 35mm.
Pigment ink is thicker and richer than dye-based ink; the consistency is more like mayonnaise. The colors are bright and vibrant and the ink pads are spongy. Theyre fade-resistant. Pigment ink doesnt soak into paper like a dye-based ink; instead, it dries on top. That means the ink takes a little longer to dry on regular paperbut the color will be more vivid. It also means that pigment ink will not dry on glossy paper. If you want to stamp pigment ink on glossy paper, you must heat-set it with an embossing gun for it to dry. Because pigment ink stays wet for so long, its perfect for Heat Embossing!