Cadence beton effect 250 ml relief paste

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Betongfärg och jag älskar den! Jag har testat på trä och det blir en så snygg yta, som om jag gjutit betong. Lätt att applicera och täcker bra, torkar snabbt.
Waterbased design reief paste that gives the charasteristic concrete look for absorbent and non-abosorbent surfaces. Van be used for multipurpose like painting, stenciling, dabbing, trowelling etc. Can be used by brush or spatulathinly, smoothed and sanded after drying. For desired look, can be effected by other Cadence paints. Drying time depends on thickness of the layer and weather conditions. Impact resistant and weather proof resistant on applied surfaces. Protect from heat and frost. Certified by EN 71 & CE.